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Genetic Diagnosis in Embryo (PGS – PGD) Preimplantation diagnosis

What is Genetic Diagnosis?

Embryo Genetic Diagnosis (PGD or PGD) In Who Is It Applied?

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What is Genetic Diagnosis?

Genetic diagnosis is one of the most beautiful developments that today’s technology offers for us.

These rapid developments in medical technology allow us to identify many problems that we have difficulty in explaining and to produce solutions.

One of the best examples of this developing technology is the “genetic diagnosis in the embryo” method, which enables the determination of the health of the baby before pregnancy occurs.

Thanks to this method, it is possible to determine the state of health of the baby by examining the chromosomes while the baby is still a 7-8 cell embryo. Thus, thanks to this method, a diseased embryo with genetic problems can be placed in the uterus and an unhealthy baby can be prevented from the beginning.

Embryo Genetic Diagnosis (PGS or PGD) In Who Is It Applied?

First of all, it is worth noting that this method cannot be done in cases where you are pregnant naturally. In other words, in order to make a genetic diagnosis (PGD or PGD) in the embryo, these embryos must be obtained in the laboratory.conditions must be developed. In other words, in order to apply the method, couples must be treated with IVF.

Fertilization and embryo development are provided by combining the egg cell taken from the woman and the sperm cell taken from the man in the laboratory environment. And by applying special techniques to the developing embryos, their genetic structure is examined.

Since this technique will be very costly, this method is not applied to every couple undergoing IVF treatment. However, in couples with special risks, genetic diagnosis is applied in the embryo.

PGT or PGD in the embryo is usually;

It applies to couples with a history of disease, that is, a history of hereditary disorders. It is called a miraculous method for couples, especially when unhealthy pregnancy occurs. Thanks to the method, healthy embryo transfer will be done, so the possibility of an unhealthy baby will be eliminated.

It is also a method used by couples who experience permanent pregnancy loss due to genetic incompatibilities or who have never been able to achieve pregnancy.

Briefly, PGS or PGD method;

Couples with a genetic condition.

-Those who are constantly experiencing unhealthy and anomaly pregnancies.

Those with recurrent early pregnancy losses.

– Those who have shape anomalies in the egg or sperm cell.


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