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Suggested practices before IVF treatment in premature ovarian failure and decreased ovarian reserve

In recent years, a significant number of couples who have applied for IVF treatment have been diagnosed with early ovarian failure or decreased ovarian reserve. The risk of having a child at the age of first marriage increases, and at the same time, it shows the need for treatment of women with more ovarian failure. Unfortunately, no definitive and useful method has been found so far in such cases. Many different protocols have been tried over almost 20 years. However, the success results in women with reduced ovarian reserve could not be increased much. Despite this, it is known that it is frequently seen in spontaneous pregnancies in women and in couples who cannot conceive with the male factor.

In early ovarian failure, egg quality decreases as the number of eggs decreases. Despite the many celebrities brought by the modern age, especially the foods we consume, business environment conditions, etc. reasons such as adversely affected reproductive function in women. In this context, if we minimize environmental factors, it is thought that egg quality will increase. Environmental factors, such as dieting, physical exercise and avoiding stress can be beneficial, especially in disorders related to the immune system.

Another problem that comes with the modern age is the increased obesity rate in women. Reproductive functions decrease as there is a metabolic disorder with obesity. We know that if we correct the metabolic function, the egg quality can increase. But another problem is the time wasted trying to lose weight. For this reason, the most important factors for overweight women are to be resistant to this issue, to believe in treatment and to be combative. Supportive vitamins and hormonal balancing suitable for the person are the factors that lead to success in these women.


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