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To increase the success of IVF treatment

Intrauterine stimulating pregnancy vaccine (RIU) in recurrent IVF failures

The main purpose of the pregnancy vaccine is to stimulate the lining of the uterus to allow the embryo to attach more easily. In cases where a good quality embryo is obtained and pregnancy cannot be achieved despite its selection during the treatment, Pregnancy vaccine is used to ensure that the thickness of the intrauterine membrane reaches the required thickness for the embryo to attach.

For those who cannot have a baby naturally; In vitro fertilization is the assisted reproductive method with the highest success rate. Although it is high, this rate is not one hundred percent. So treatment may not always result in pregnancy. Among the reasons leading to failure in treatment; Problems in embryo development that occur after the egg and sperm combine, and the embryo’s inability to adhere to the mother’s uterus due to the transfer of this low-quality embryo, genetic disorders in the embryo, disorders in the uterus structure of the woman or infections in the uterus are among the reasons for the failure of in vitro fertilization.

To increase the success of IVF treatment

In the face of these failures, many couples get stressed and have negative thoughts. Among the treatments resulting from these reasons, a method called pregnancy vaccination is applied in order to ensure that the embryo attaches and settles to the uterus more easily. Thanks to this method, the rate of positive results of couples who start treatment increases.

Although IVF treatments have brought happiness to millions of infertile couples, it is not a definitive method. Although it varies from patient to patient, half of the success is achieved in IVF treatment. There are many underlying causes in patients who cannot conceive. The most common problem I encounter in practice is the inability to obtain sufficient quality embryos. Quality There are many factors that affect the formation of embryos, as well as different treatment options.

Despite this, although the embryo quality is good in a group of patients, there is a problem in conceiving and implantation in the uterus occurs. This is where the pregnancy vaccine comes into play. Studies have shown that there should be synchronization between the uterus and the embryo. This synchronization is related to both the menstrual cycle and the immunological system of the uterus. In order for the uterus not to see a foreign body in the given embryo, it must secrete paracrine factors at different rates. Any inconvenience in this system adversely affects pregnancy. Intrauterine stimulant therapy is one of the treatments aimed at increasing the implantation mechanism.


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