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Immunological Infertility

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Diagnosing Immunological Infertility

Immune System disorder, that is, some immunological factors can affect a woman’s healthy pregnancy process.

Stress and nutritional factors can negatively affect the mother’s immune system against pregnancy.

It sometimes causes negativities in the deterioration of the immune system. In lows, this is one of the negative situations.

How can abortions due to the immune system be prevented?

First of all, it should be ensured that the cause of miscarriage is not caused by a genetic problem. No genetic problem has been identified as the cause of the miscarriage.

In some cases, there may be an underlying immune system disorder. In order to detect this situation, an immune system test should be performed.

After the test, the possible source of the problem causing the abortion should be determined and corrective treatments should be applied. Immune system disorders are one of the most likely causes of miscarriages.

In pregnant women with immune system problems; The system will attack the embryo trying to settle in the uterus, perceiving it as a foreign substance. The embryo, which is trying to hold on and develop, may be adversely affected by this situation and result in miscarriage.

Some treatments are given to women who have had a miscarriage as a result of their immune system dysfunction. In order to prevent the system from attacking the embryo, diet programs are recommended along with some drugs in this process.

A genetically normal fetus conceived with quality embryos ends in miscarriage. The immune system of people who experience a miscarriage should be examined after a heartbeat is detected or when everything is going well for no reason. If patients with this problem have a family history of auto-immune disease, they should definitely notify their doctor.

It should not be forgotten that a healthy pregnancy and the immune system interact with each other. It is now known that many women with immune system disorders or disorders have a continuous miscarriage. Or it is determined that in vitro fertilization attempts have failed.

Experts have developed some methods to prevent this problem. Thanks to the methods applied, foreign genes, namely the embryo, can be rendered invisible by the cells of the immune system during pregnancy. Thus, the system cannot attack the embryo. In medicine, this is called immune tolerance. Nine months later, the baby is born healthy, as the mother’s body tolerates this condition thanks to the treatment applied. As with any treatment, failures can occur in this treatment. A problem in tolerance can cause miscarriage or failures in IVF treatment.

Intralipid Therapy

It was observed that the intralipid treatment developed by the scientists was successful when applied to women with immune system disorders. The serum treatment applied in this method balances and regulates the immune system.

The serum is applied from the day when the pregnancy starts or the embryo is transferred in the IVF treatment until the baby’s heartbeat is heard. Especially in recurrent IVF failures and miscarriages, this measure increases the rate of healthy births. In addition, this treatment has no side effects detected. The only problem is that since the serum contains soy and egg, it cannot be applied to patients who are allergic to these foods.


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