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While egg (oocyte) freezing, embryo and sperm freezing have been applied successfully for almost 35 years, egg freezing did not give as successful results as others and egg freezing was considered an experimental treatment in women until the past years. The most important problem here was that the female egg, the oocyte, was not genetically stable. Since the oocyte undergoes a series of genetic changes during and after ovulation, it was damaged during the freezing and thawing process. Advances in technology in recent years have enabled the successful application of the method we call rapid thawing vitrification. More than 90% of nearly frozen oocytes are thawed alive.

Oocyte freezing is recommended as an alternative, especially in women whose reproductive potential will be compromised due to various health problems, such as being diagnosed with cancer or undergoing surgery. Due to such indications in our country, egg freezing for single women has been deemed appropriate by law. In addition, due to the modern world conditions, the average age of marriage and childbearing in women has increased, so patients with reduced productivity potential are more common. Therefore, women who are planning a career may prefer egg freezing due to circumstances.

It has been shown that congenital anomaly does not increase in pregnancies obtained with frozen eggs compared to other IVFs. Oocyte freezing is a second option for women in centers with good laboratory facilities and experience.


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