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How Long Does the Micro TESE Procedure Take?

Micro-tese procedure takes about 2 hours to collect the testicular canals one by one. General anesthesia is preferred over local anesthesia due to the length of the operation. After the operation, the patient is discharged. Compared to TESE surgeries, the chance of finding sperm is higher. This high rate is the most advantageous feature of the method. Sperm can be found in up to 50% of patients who tried the TESE method but could not find sperm. This situation greatly increases the chance of having a child. What to do after Micro Tese Procedure?

After the operation, the patient is sent home after being kept under observation for 2-3 hours as he receives general anesthesia. Dressing and controls are done 2 days after the procedure. It is recommended to stay away from extreme physical activity, long journeys, driving for a long time for an average of one week, and sexual activity should not be performed for 15 days.


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